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New Products

  • Train-the-trainer test.


    This is a 20 question, multiple choice test used to demonstrate a trainer's knowledge of training adult learners.  This test must be ordered and proctored by trainer or proctor who is accredited by Freeborn & Associates.

  • Manitoba Food Handler Certificate

    Regular Price:


    We can provide a Manitoba Food Handler Certificate for people who have completed our food handler training program.  

    IMPORTANT: If you have not completed our food handler certification program do not order this product.  

    If you are unsure, contact us to see if we have you registered as one of our certified food handlers.

  • WHMIS Online Training Enrollment Keys

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price $9.95

  • NFSTP Online Exam Enrollment Keys


    NFSTP Online exams can only be proctored by NFSTP Trainers or Proctors.

    The Trainer/Proctor must be present in the room with the student while the online exam is being completed.

    Requires 2 business days to process.  Ensure you have enough time when you place your order.

  • Waterproof Digital Thermometer

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    This digital thermometer is ideal for any kitchen. The quick response time revolutionizes the thermometers performance by promising speed and accuracy.

  • GloGerm Powder

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    GloGerm Powder - 40 grams of powder that simulates Germs under Ultraviolet light.