Meet the Team at The Food Safety Market!

The team at Food Safety Market has done a great deal to make the organization the national success it has become. Each member of the FSM team brings something unique to the organization, helping us to develop the most comprehensive food safety training programs possible and maintain our reputation for excellence and superior customer service.



Lisa Waechter

Serving as our IT Manager/Tech Support, Lisa Waechter has been an extremely valuable member of the Food Safety Market team since January 2015. In her position, Lisa acts as the organization’s second level of tech support, handling tech-related issues that other agents can’t. She also assists with program design and development, and is responsible for making the online training components available to users on the FSM Campus. Since she joined the team, Lisa has kept the FSM website alive by building interactive pages, sending news blasts out to subscribers, posting food safety blogs, and more. Lisa also supports organizations when they choose to host FSM online courses on their own internal learning management systems by working with their technical teams to ensure that everything functions and communicates correctly.
Her role is constantly evolving, with Lisa eagerly taking on new roles that have seen her become responsible for all internal tech support within the FSM office, as well as establishing and enforcing company policies, procedures, and processes. Lisa brings decades of technical support experience to her role at FSM, helping customers better understand the problems they experience.

Prior to joining the FSM team, Lisa earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from York University in Toronto, Ontario. After graduating, she worked in software development within corporate offices, becoming a nationally certified coach in the 1990’s and serving as a coach and personal trainer before transitioning into sports and recreation in the early 2000’s. Outside of the office, Lisa, her husband, and their two young boys are involved in holistic farm management, running Double D Pastures in Collingwood, Ontario.



Marina Lynn

Since January 2015, Marina Lynn has wowed customers in her role as Food Safety Market’s resident Customer Service Representative. Marina is the first contact for FSM customers, helping to troubleshoot their problems, walking them through any issues they encounter, and assisting customers in placing emergency orders. She’s also responsible for completing the certification process for food safety trainers and proctors by creating and setting up their accounts, and explaining products and processes to them.

In her role at FSM, Marina has been able to develop excellent problem solving skills, helping to guide customers through questions and issues they encounter, no matter how big or small. She excels in adding her own personal touch to interactions with every customer, taking the time to listen to and get to know customers on a personal level, ensuring that customers have the best experience possible by encouraging them to open up to her and going the extra mile by leaving a positive impression with every interaction.
Before working at FSM, Marina lived in British Columbia for 23 years, working as an auto insurance adjuster for much of her time there. After her time in BC, she returned to her hometown of Collingwood, where she continues to reside today. When she’s not in the office, Marina enjoys reading true crime and horror novels, drawing and painting portraits, and knitting. She’s also an avid fan of music of all genres, though she has a particular fondness for new wave. Marina looks forward to attending her first music festival in the summer of 2019, and continuing to raise hell in her free time.


Dianna Sosnowski

Dianna Sosnowski is one of the newest members of the Food Safety Market team, bringing years of customer service experience to the company. Dianna currently serves as our Bilingual Customer Service Representative, helping to prepare customer orders, grade food safety certification exams, and assist customers in French and English. Dianna’s extensive customer service experience allows her to assist customers, to offer exceptional levels of professionalism, and ensures that customers consistently receive the most positive experience possible.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Dianna and her family live in Collingwood, Ontario. Prior to joining the FSM team, Dianna worked as a security guard and security officer in Montreal, moving onto work as a personal support worker in Barrie, and later working as a customer service representative, adviser and supervisor for a variety of organizations
Outside of the office, Dianna enjoys spending time with her teenage son and 11-year old daughter. Together, the family enjoys going for long drives, having movie nights at the house, and spending quality time together.

Katie Kramer

Katie Kramer, the latest addition to the Food Safety Market team, serves as our Marketing and Technical Support expert. In her role, Katie handles FSM marketing initiatives, collateral, and strategy, social media, online branding, tech support calls, proctors online exams via the ProctorMe service, and more. Katie’s passion for marketing, versatile education, and willingness to learn and adapt makes her an extremely valuable member of the team. In her Marketing and Tech Support capacity, Katie stays up-to-date on the latest in social media and marketing trends, puts analytics to the test in order to inform marketing strategies, and uses her impressive customer service skills to assist clients in troubleshooting tech problems.

Katie’s specialty lies in her ability to help customers in any way she can, wading through Internet noise to find the answers and information needed to get the job done. She’s passionate about being able to create - to pull from nothing and produce something truly unique. Katie describes herself as being an “eternal student”, holding an impressive educational resume. Before joining the team, she attended Sheridan College in her hometown of Oakville, Ontario. While at Sheridan, Katie studied Business and Art Fundamentals. She later relocated to Barrie, attending Georgian College, where she studied Pre-health Sciences and then Interactive Web Design and Development.
Outside of the office, Katie can be found enjoying all things geeky and interesting - she especially loves watching Marvel movies and reading a wide variety of genres, most notably sci-fi and fantasy. When she’s not taking in a good movie or book, Katie enjoys running and researching new health and fitness information. She also runs an Instagram account in her spare time, showcasing her admirable makeup collection
For more information about the food safety training, resources, and infographics offered by our team of food safety experts, contact FoodSafetyMarket today by email at, or by phone at 1-888-829-3177