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Code de pratique de la securite alimentaire

French version of the Food Safety Code of Practice.
  • What is this?
    The "Code de pratique de la sécurité alimentaire" is the French language version of the "Food Safety Code of Practice".  This book is based on the Food Retail and Food Service regulation and code.  It currently serves as the student workbook for French speaking students of the National Food Safety Training Program. (The NFSTP Student Workbook is the only text that should be used for the English training.)
    Who should purchase this?
    Certified NFSTP trainers delivering the course in French should purchase this book for their students.  This includes private trainers, college and university instructors or corporate trainers. 
    This book is also a practical resource for any French speaking individual that wants to know the best practices for safe food handling.  Restaurant owners and operators should have a copy to use as a resource.
    Students taking the NFSTP at school can also purchase this book for their courses.  Check with your school's bookstore as they may carry it as well.